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Studio portraits at your office.

Relaxed studio portraits at your office. ‘At your office’ means just that. I come to your office so that it’s convenient for you and your staff and there’s no travel time. I find this is the best way to let the sitter feel more relaxed.

When your staff are in a familiar environment they feel less apprehensive about a photo shoot. The shoot becomes a talking point. We spend between 10-15 minutes per shot. This is long enough to get to know your staff, have them relax, let them get used to being in a studio. It means we can chat and from that we get the best photos. I also ensure that each shoot is screened off so that it’s private. Any longer and the sitter tires, any shorter and it becomes nothing more than a ‘Passport photo’ shoot that lacks life.

My photography gets rid of the stiff, forced nature of traditional studio shots. Even the most reluctant sitter enjoys my portrait sessions and those who like having their photos taken thrive.

I can set up my studio in spaces as small as 12 square metres.




Colour or black & white studio portraits at your office?

I do both – I shoot in colour so you can decide later.

Whether you want colour or black and white depends on your marketing team and what image they want to give your business. Having a great image to reflect your brand speaks louder than words.


White or black backgrounds for your portraits?

I do both.
White backgrounds are great for clean-looking websites.
Black backgrounds are ideal for sophisticated-looking print media.

If you would like a real background such as a factory interior, check out my Environmental Portraits page.

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